“We have used Mindful Snacks in our offices for the last several months. The quality of their services has been outstanding.
They accommodate our staff’s food sensitivities and adhere to our budget. I would strongly recommend Mindful Snacks into anyone’s workplace. Your staff and guests will thank you for it!”
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Being Mindful is a perk for everyone.

But how does Mindful Snacks help you do a better job? Here’s a list of what we know matters most to you.

Office HR Manager
  1. The entire office snacks procurement process is taken care of. We handle budgeting, setting up, and cleaning up. You get more time to address the more important tasks in your business.
  2. Top global companies with offices use healthy office snacks as more than a benefit but also as a recruitment tool. Lure top talent with the best in innovative healthy snacks and beverages.
  3. Healthy eating is part of a healthier lifestyle that works to keep employees happy and helps reduce turnover and missed time at work related to sick days.
  4. Increase employee time in the office: Eliminate vending machine restocking or worries about your staff who step out to buy healthy snacks to munch on or thirst-quenching beverages.
  5. Goodbye, temperamental vending machine — hello, office hero! Everyone will know the healthy snacks program is your idea and you’ll get the recognition you deserve!
  1. Don’t feel guilty anymore — snack mindfully not mindlessly! Mindful Snacks healthy snack selections taste good and are good for you.
  2. Because we constantly update our snack and beverage catalogue, we keep taste buds and healthy snack trends in mind!
  3. No need to fight Canadian winters by having to go outside of your building. The staff room is only steps away and has all the nutrition you need!
  4. Impress your friends and family by telling them about how healthy you’re eating — and just how delicious it is!
  5. And last but not least, brag to your friends about what an amazing company you work for — a company that truly cares about your well being.

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