Mood Food Culinary
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Employee Productivity
begins with Good Health

Mindful Snacks has teamed up with 2 organizations
to help you host Corporate Seminars to promote a Healthy Lifestyle within your organizations.

Each organization delivers a unique experience based on your needs - the best part? All participants get to enjoy Mindful Snacks!

Never Call In Sick Again - hosted by Patricia Muzzi.

Patricia is the Personal Chef and Founder who's knowledge and energy are a perfect setting for classroom style learning.

The sessions are interactive and jam packed with insights on how food affects employee's performance on the job and what they can do to eliminate fatigue and boost performance.

For information email Mood Food Culinary at:

Unleash Your Team's Inner Dragon - hosted by Paddle Core.

PadlleCore specializes in corporate team building using Dragonboat Racing and a talented team of industry leading coaches and facilitators to inspire and build corporate teams.
Their corporate seminars are action packed and a ton of fun!

For information email Paddlecore at:

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