“Mindful Snacks is more than a supplier at LinkedIn - they are a partner. We work together to understand and provide snacks our employees will love. I've been very impressed with the quality, nutritional value of the products as well as their responsiveness. They play a key role in promoting a healthy environment in our office.”
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Our Mindful Snacks Movement

Mindful Snacks is reinventing office snacking and what providers should provide — and do.

From a fresh idea rooted in an insatiable passion for good health and well-being, we recognize that healthy eating is determined by more than what you eat during the typical three main meals.

What you eat between meals as snacks can and does affect your health, and that includes the snacks consumed in the form of greasy chips and less-than-healthy office snack vending machines.

Mindful Snacks offers a fresh approach to office snacks programs and outdated vending machine systems, with its full service snack procurement company.

We handpick our extensive selection of top-quality healthy snacks and beverages with your well being in mind. We’re dedicated to doing our part to fuel happy, healthy workplaces everywhere.

A Message from Dr. Joel

A revolutionary idea that feeds personal power — professionally.

Businesses power ahead every day, at a demanding rate, commanding top performances from all of us. We rely on good health to have a productive and thriving professional life. Our bodies need high quality foods, rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Choosing low glycemic snacks will keep blood sugar levels even throughout the day, and builds a strong, alert and focused team.

Research shows that workers who eat healthy all day long are 25% more likely to have higher job performance.* Encourage your team to take time to hydrate and fuel up with top quality snacks and beverages. Strong minds and bodies produce an optimal day’s work.

Dr. Joel Lee Villeneuve
Naturopathic Doctor & TV Media Personality
*Health Enhancement Research Organization, Brigham Young University and the Center for Health Research at Healthways.

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